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Have been involved in the design, research, development and commissioning of a biomass boiler at the Kings Troop Royal Horse artillery in Greenwich. The project in London was completed in 2015 and use’s the horse manure bedding to generate heat for the site via the boiler installed.

The waste is collected in bins, which then goes through an automated process, including drying and shredding before it can be burnt in the boiler. The horse waste boiler and equipment used on the project is all Waste incineration directive and Industrial emissions directive compliant. This has saved disposal costs and reducing their carbon footprint. It has cut 5 Lorrie journeys a week transporting their waste through London.



Due to the cost of the machinery required, this needs to be done on a relatively large scale. The stables have over 140 horses, and the site can accommodate the heat that is produced from the boiler, some of which goes to the drier. This makes this particular project viable.

The above project meets all of the requirements under the waste incineration regulations, and meets all of the emissions criteria set out under the guidelines. This type of boiler makes up a very small fraction of the biomass market and is normally a result of a particular companies waste stream.

These boilers are eligible for government incentives which will help offset the cost of installing this equipment, which could see a considerable return on any investment made, so long as your site fits the criteria to be viable.

What next

If you have a waste stream and are looking to generate a revenue from it. then please contact us to discuss if this can be utilised. We have worked with many different types of waste streams and will happily guide you in the right direction.

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