What Is Far Infrared Heating?

What Is Far Infrared Heating?

Technology is changing everything, and it’s certainly changing how we heat domestic and commercial properties. These days the old fashioned electric storage radiator is getting replaced by efficient Far Infrared heating, so efficient that it can save up to 50% of your electricity usage.

So, what is Far Infrared heating?

It’s invisible; it’s electromagnetic radiation, and it sounds like it’s straight out of X-Men. The good news is, it’s safe, it’s practical, it warms up your home or your offices, it saves you money, financially it’s an obvious choice. Traditional methods of heating like gas, oil and electric heating, warm up the air, Far Infrared is different; it heats the fabric of the building, which makes the heating process energy efficient.  How can Infrared heating be energy efficient? It’s simple, Infrared heating operates on lower watts per cubic metre than oil or gas systems, along with insulation, less electrical storage, slow heat release and complete control via sensors, thermostats or receivers, all of which contribute to energy efficiency.

How does it do it? The Far Infrared heating panels emit infrared rays, which are known as radiant heat, the invisible rays will touch surfaces, such as walls, furniture and ceilings and heat them up. When you insulate walls and use Far infrared heating, heat gets captured and stored, saving money, saving energy and reducing harmful greenhouse gases.

There are also the health benefits, breathing in warm air isn’t good, and some traditional heating systems can dehydrate you. Psychologically Far infrared heat feels better, it’s not stuffy, it’s that same good feeling you have when you spend quality time in the sun. It feels like being in the sun because it’s the same as the energy that comes from the sun.

These days it’s imperative to keep employees healthy and feeling good, the less time staff have off ill from work, the more productive the business will be. Far Infrared heating can help towards a healthy workplace; it’s the perfect choice for offices and commercial buildings.

The other bonus is that Far Infrared heating looks stylish, they can be wall mounted or even ceiling mounted, plain, mirrored or with a picture, you would never think they were efficient heaters.

We have currently installed multiple systems into the national trust, norther rail and many domestic and commercial properties.

Going forward Far Infrared Heating will be standard in many homes, but why wait until tomorrow when you can find out more about it today?

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